Monday, November 30, 2009

Seeds of Greatness: The Seed of Creativity

Do I fantasize or imagine my own success?
I often fantasize my own success. Each morning when I wake up, I think about how that day could unfold, how I could become more successful that day. I often wonder what I could change to make my success greater. I imagine that I'll be the head of a large organization, perhaps 200-500 employees. I imagine what it would be like to get up on stage at our annual conference and address my employees. How wonderful would it be to know that I created a successful company from one little idea?
I imagine that I have a wonderful house in the country and that money flows to me. I imagine not feeling the panic of stress. I imagine success.

Do I criticize myself in myself talk?
I wish I could answer no to that, but I do. Today at work I felt like the flow of ideas, the flow of thoughts, tasks that needed completing cluttered my mind. I wish I could break through the clutter at work. It is at times like these where I wish that I were on top at all times, when I don't feel like I'm on my game I criticize myself. Other times include a harsh word to a friend or to my husband. I criticize my choices in life as well. If I'd have made different better choices I'd be in a different place.

Do I replay my past failures or my past successes?
I do both. I don't think I replay my failures more than my successes. I do see the value of replaying the successes. When something in life goes wrong it is so difficult not to replay that experience over and over again, wishing you'd said something different or made a different split second decision. I don't have a written list of my successes. I think that if I had a list I would be more apt to replay those experience in my mind.

Do I see myself as a real winner?
That varies from moment to moment. Some moments I feel on top of the world, others I feel like I'm at the bottom of the garbage heap. It varies so greatly depending on what is happening at a certain time. I do know that I'm a winner though. As my business has continued to succeed and my life has moved closer to my dreams I've realized that I have the ability to make it big, I have the ability to be a true winner.

How can having the attitude of a winner help me achieve my goals?
Attitude is so important in life. The better an attitude you have the greater chance you have for success. People are drawn to energy. There are always those people that have an aura about them. They have a force that pulls you to them, it is an attitude, a positive attitude. I know that the roots of my success are formed in my ability to help others. I believe that I have the information that others are seeking in life and in business.

How often do I relax and let my mind sore?
I don't relax as often as I wish I did. This blog is part of my relaxation. It is part of creating my ability to mold and change my life, to let my mind sore and create in my dreams and my reality.

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